Accutane – Finding Answers

Accutane is often considered the most powerful drug in fighting oily skin and acne.  However, with its great benefits comes much risk in the form of side effects.  To date, no other acne drug is given with as much precaution as Accutane.

With the concern of the potent side effects in mind, doctors typically try every kind of treatment there is before prescribing Accutane. But why?  What is Accutane?

Accutane is derived from vitamin A.  Many years ago it became apparent that taking larger amounts of Vitamin A can stop oily skin, however doing so had many side effects.  The side effects involved in doing this were so harsh that they proving very harmful and deadly.

In order to lessen the side effects, researchers developed the drug Accutane, which is based on the very core of Vitamin A.  With some of the properties of Vitamin A stripped out, Accutane is less harsh than pure Vitamin A.

Accutane is basically “controlled vitamin A poisoning.” Doctors monitor a patient’s health very closely while on Accutane. This means regular blood tests and pregnancy tests.

The reason Accutane and Vitamin A are so dangerous is because the body has a hard time disposing of it.  Instead of the excess leaving the body, it gets stored in fatty tissues.  The excess that remains in the body can then become toxic and harmful.  The liver, which is comprised of fatty tissue, is often the most effected organ.  This is one reason doctors often run blood tests on the liver.

There is a major health risk for the unborn of mothers who are actively taking Accutane. It is important that women must not become pregnant while on Accutane.  As a precaution, female patients of all ages are often required to attend contraception classes to ensure they do not become pregnant.

The way Accutane stops acne is by temporarily turning off the oil glands.  With no oil on the skins surface, acne is not possible.

Alternatives To Accutane

The idea behind Accutane is brilliant, but many worry about its severe side effects. It is not widely known that there are other vitamins that work the same way Accutane.  Vilantae is one such alternative.  Taking large amounts of Vilantae triggers the body’s natural ability to break down oil before it can reach the skins surface.  Vilantae doesn’t turn the oil glands off like Accutane does, it gives them less oil to process.(nanny cam)

Most doctors do not keep up with natural treatments like Vilantae, yet it works in much the same way. You can read more about how it works at

Educate yourself. If you can find an alternative that works, stick with it! If not, use your knowledge and listen to your doctor. The more you know, the better you can take care of yourself.

Dr. Audrey Kunin, M.D., is a licensed dermatologist who puts a lot of thought in her work. When it comes to the acne drug Accutane, she is full of helpful knowledge. To find out more about Accutane, read her helpful article by clicking here.

Most people faced with the decision to try Accutane have a large list of questions about the drug. The side effects and protocol alone are enough to make someone’s head spin. Stay informed and look into Vilantae.

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